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Tokyo is known as the city with the highest number of the Michelin starred restaurants in the world, but that is not the end of the story. There are more than 150,000 reasonably priced restarurants in the city. Streets lined with skyscrapers and small bars coexist with shrines and beautiful gardens. It is definitely a must-visit city.

Tourist information desk in the venue

  • Located around the registration desk in the venue
  • August 6 (Sun) 16:00--18:00, August 7 (Mon) -- 11 (Fri) 8:00--17:00
  • You can get general tourist information.
  • You can register city tours and cultral programs for participants and accompanying persons.
  • Operated by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Cash, Credit Card, E-money in Japan

Though use of credit cards and e-currency has increased in recent years, Japan is still largely a cash-based society. Here we send some useful information for your visit to Japan.

The national currency of Japan is the Japanese Yen (¥). Most of large stores, restaurants, and taxi accept major credit cards, VISA, Master, UnionPay, and some debit cards. However, some small stores and lunch places still only accept cash. It is best to exchange cash before leaving your country. Otherwise, you can withdraw cash with your bank card or credit card at an ATM at the airport upon arrival. ATMs are located as soon as you exit the arrival gate at the airports. Considering that cards and electronic money are accepted, 20,000 yen in cash would be sufficient for a week. See also this link.

Recommend getting Suica IC card or mobile Suica on your phone:

Suica is rechargeable IC card and can be used on trains, subways, monorail, buses, and taxi in Japan. You can also pay with Suica at any store and restaurant displaying the Suica logo.

Where to purchase Welcome Suica (Welcome Suica is ideal for short visit.):

You can purchase Welcome Suica from the JR EAST Travel Service Center at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and major stations or from the Welcome Suica Ticket Vending Machines at Narita and Airports. See the web page below for details on Welcome Suica providers and opening hours.

Suica card & Welcome Suica card

mobile Suica is mobile e-money on iPhone (same function with SUICA card.) If you are using iPhone or Apple watch, you can now set up your iPhone or Apple Watch using the following instructions.

You can use your iPhone of Apple watch just by touching it at the gate. Mobile Suica is rechargeable from major credit cards, Debit cards and Union Pay. If you are using Android bought outside of Japan, sorry so far it is impossible to install Suica in your phone. Please buy a Welcome Suica card by the vending machine at Narita or Haneda Airports or major JR EAST stations.

Sights in walking distance

Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, etc.

Japanese gardens and mordern park


Shopping place

Further sources:

Utagawa Hiroshige, Suidobashi Surugadai in "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo" (1857) (Tokyo Fuji Art Museum) Koishikawa Kourakuen (photo by Gribeco, (CC BY-SA 4.0))

Sights slightly far away   within 30 min by subway

Akihabara (photo by IQRemix and W.carter, (CC BY-SA 2.0))

One day trip

  • Hakone (famous for hot spring)
  • Kamakura (where the first shogunate government placed in the 12th century)
  • Nikko (gorgeous grave of the first Tokugawa shogun)
  • Chichibu (now also famous for Japanese whiskey)
  • Mt. Fuji