Venue (On-site)

The on-site meeting will be held at Hongo campus, the University of Tokyo.

Hongo campus, the University of Tokyo

7-3-1 Hogo Bunkyoku, Tokyo, Japan

Floor map of Statphys28 Conference can be found here .

Getting Hongo campus

Access map to Hongo Campus from nearby stations can be found here .

Access map from nearby stations can be found here .

Campus map can be found here .

Access from Airports and Route to the Venue

1. From Haneda Airport:

If you arrive at Haneda airport, there are several ways to get to Hotel Forest Hongo.
If this is your first visit to Japan, please refer to 1-1, which is a little more circuitous but easier to transfer and less likely to get lost. Otherwise, please refer to 1-2, which is the standard route and takes less time.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
  ⇓  Keikyū Airport Line (~23 min)
Daimon Station (please find escalator or elevator to B5 concourse)
  ⇓  Oedo line (bound for Tocho-mae via Ryogoku and Kasuga , ~25min)
Hongo-sanchome Station (exit 3)

The Keikyu Airport Line departs from the same floor (2nd floor) as you exit the gate upon arrival at the airport. Please board the train in the direction of Aoto, Keisei Takasago, Inba, Narita Airport, etc. Airport Express, Rapid Express, and Limited Express trains do not require a transfer en route, while trains bound for Sengakuji require a transfer to the Asakusa Line at Sengakuji. The Keikyu line connects to the Asakusa line from Sengakuji station. Do not take the train in the Zushi direction. It will take you in the wrong direction.
At Daimon Station (Asakusa Line), take the escalator or elevator down to the Oedo Line platform on the B5 floor (2-3 minutes). From the Oedo Line Daimon Station platform, board a train bound for Tocho-mae via Ryogoku and Kasuga. Hongo Sanchome Station is the 12th stop.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
  ⇓  Tokyo Monorail (13 min, 500JPY)
Hamamatsu Cho Sta.
  ⇓  Yamanote line (bound for Tokyo, Ueno, 7min, 170JPY)
Tokyo Sta. (Go to B1 level following this mark , ~4 min to transfer)
  ⇓  Metro Marunouchi line (bound for Ikebukuro, 4 stops, 6min, 180JPY)
Hongo-sanchome Station (exit 2)

[From JR Tokyo Station]

If you are coming from Tokyo Station, please take the Marunouchi Subway Line. The Marunouchi Line connects near the Marunouchi Exit of Tokyo Station.
If you took Yamanote line from Hamamatsu Cho, you will find an elevator near the car 9 of the train arriving at track 4. Take this elevator to B1 level. At the B1 level, follow the indicator of Marunouchi line. The easiest way is to look for this marking at Tokyo Stat and follow this marking.
Turn right and right again, you will find Marunouchi Underground Central Exit. After exiting the ticket gate, follow the same marking for another 100 meters, you find the ticket gate of the Marunouchi line.
Take the Marunouchi Line bound for Ikebukuro. Hongo Sanchome Stat is the fourth stop from Tokyo Stat (6 min, 180JPY) and is the closest station to the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo.

[From Hongo Sanchome Stat to the Venue]

After exiting Hongo Sanchome Stat (exit 2), walk down the narrow street to the right for about 50 meters until you reach a large street (Hongo Dori street).
Turn left on Hongo street and go about 50 meters to a crossroad.
If you arrive by Oedo line, exit 3 is almost near the crossroad.
Cross the crosswalk and go straight along Hongo street and you will see the old red gate (Akamon gate, now it is closed for construction) on your right.
Continue straight and you will see the main gate on your right. The main gate is about 800 meters from the Hongo Sanchome station .

2. From Narita Airport:

If you arrive at Narita airport: and go to Tokyo by JR Narita Express train, Narita Express arrive at Tokyo station on the B4 level. You should take escalator to B1 level. Follow the marking for transferring to Marunouchi line.
Please refer to [From JR Tokyo Station] too.

If you are coming from Narita Airport, there are two express trains, the JR Narita Express (53min, 3070JPY to Tokyo stat) and the Keisei Skyliner (40 min, 2470JPY to Keisei Ueno stat), both are leaving from the basement level of Narita airport. If you take Keisei Skyliner, please refer to the following.

2-1 From Keisei-Ueno Station
If you are coming from Narita Airport, you can take the Keisei Skyliner from Narita Airport to Keisei Ueno Station, the last stop, in 40 minutes. From there, it is about 2 km to Forest Hongo and the main gate of the University of Tokyo.
There are several ways to get Honfo Sanchome station via JR or subway, but the easiest way is to take a Taxi (~1200JPY for 2 km and 10 min).
Online taxi dispatch services such as Uber is not well developed in Japan. Cabs are usually caught by waiting at a taxi stand or by raising your hand on the street.
The taxi stand at Keisei Ueno Stat can be found by turning immediately left and left again when exiting the ticket gates at Keisei Ueno stat. Pass the lockers and there is an underground parking area, push the button and a taxi will come shortly. (see the map below.)


(Please show this address to the taxi driver.)

To the Venue:

東京大学正門前(Todai Seimon) The Main Gate of the University of Tokyo

To the guest house

(If you stay in Sanjo Kaikan Annex)
東大竜岡門から50m・山上会館別館(Todai Tatsuokamon, Sanjo Kaikan Annex)

Route to the Venue

This transportation information can be also found here

Special information desks for Statphys participants at Narita & Haneda airports

Special information desks will be placed at the airports to be a one-stop information counter for international delegates arriving in Tokyo. You are welcome to ask how to get to the venue and your hotel. The desks have the logo of Statphys28. Operated by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Dates: August 5 (Sat) and 6 (Sun) 8:00-20:00


  1. Narita Airport Terminal 1, 1F International Arrival Lobby, near Central Exit
  2. Narita Airport Terminal 2, 1F International Arrival Lobby, near Central Exit
  3. Haneda International Airport, 2F Arrival Lobby, Meeting Service Counter

Narita Terminal1/2: Both are located in the center of the Arrival Lobby (1F)

Haneda International Passenger Terminal: Arrival Lobby (2F)

Evacuation route map in Hongo Campus

Lunch map in Hongo Campus